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HighSchoolOT’s final statewide and area code rankings for dual-team wrestling

There were four N.C. High School Athletic Association dual-team wrestling champions, and three of them were undefeated against in-state teams. Determining which one finished atop the final HighSchoolOT statewide top 25 rankings wasn’t easy.

That lone head-to-head win between two state champs — 4A champ Northwest Guilford defeating 3A champ Fred T. Foard — is what propelled the Vikings to the top spot. Foard was second, followed by 2A champ Newton-Conover and 1A champ Uwharrie Charter. West Rowan, which was the 3A West runner-up, rounds out the top five.

The full rankings — a statewide Top 25 and Top 15 rankings for each of the state’s six area codes — are below. … rest of story at Highschoolot.com/highschoolot-hsot-final-statewide-and-area-code-rankings-for-wrestling-2023

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TDR Top 12 Team members named

The following wrestlers have earned and will be awarded a spot on a team of the best wrestlers in eastern North Carolina this past season. To recognize them we will present a wooden plaque with their name and weight class engraved on it. They will be made in a similar style to the ones from the previous dozen years or so. (have to look it up).


First Team
106Barnett, AlexanderNew Bern
113Kresicki, JacobFirst Flight
120Tyson, MarcusPamlico County
126Bell, WalkerWest Craven
132Fritz, IanTopsail
138Buonocore, AveryLaney
145Thomas, NoahLaney
152Blevins, EthanTopsail
160Cotto, TristanLaney
170Melton, FranklinClayton
182Hopper, AlexLaney
195Richardson, TrystanLaney
220Beatty, CalebCorinth-Holders
285Cox, TaevionNew Bern
Second Team 
106Brownlee, EthanSouth Johnston 
113Guerra, IsraelSouth Johnston 
120Vindigni, MatthewCleveland 
126Haro, ChrisSouth Lenior 
132Mann, RyanNorth East Carolina Prep 
138Bianco, FrankRolesville 
145Rhude, KlintSwansboro 
152Haseley, LoganCorinth-Holders 
160Disbennett, ShawnDixon 
170Brown, KamarNorthside (Jacksonville) 
182Harris, NicholasJ.F. Webb 
195Knipe, JoshuaWest Carteret 
220Blue, MasonLaney 
285Rodgers, NicholasFike 
Honorable Mention 
132Fazekas, CoreyNortheastern 
132Klutey, BarrettFike 
132Connick, LukeWest Brunswick 
132Shirley, DylanWest Carteret 
152Yager, TheodoreSwansboro 
152Simpson, AzraelFirst Flight 
160Jones, JeremiahSouthwest Onslow 
170Watkins, DamarionBunn 
170Reece, KaiFirst Flight 
182Rodriguez Jr., JasonSouthwest Onslow 
182Schweitzer, TrevorFirst Flight 
182Deloatch, RyanRosewood 
220Bailey, DallasC.B. Aycock 
220Stevens, TylerPamlico County 
285Ellis, DyllinBunn 

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TDR Top 12 – 106 lbs.

TDR Editor’s Note; Typically this lightest weight class is led by the youngest wrestlers and this year has the top 5 spots filled by successful sophomores. Please contact us and share your input sent to us at martinkfleming@gmail.com

1106Barnett, AlexanderNew Bern104040.9094A-E1st3rd
2106Brownlee, EthanSouth Johnston104240.9133A-ME2nd4th
3106Sanchez, CameronCroatan103090.7693A-E1stw1
4106Lewis, ColtonNE Carolina Prep104940.9251A-E2ndw1
5106Vaught, PaulSwansboro102990.7633A-E2ndw1
6106Price, ChristianWashington1131130.7052A-E1stSQ
7106Peele, DakotaNorth Lenoir1231130.7052A-E2ndSQ
8106Salazar, JoseSouthern Nash103160.8383A-E3rdSQ
9106Monks, AlexBunn103770.8412A-ME3rdw2
10106Alvarado, Brian Truj.New Hanover1038110.7764A-E4thw2
11106Larkins, AedenSW Onslow1033120.7332A-E3rdSQ
12106Watters, SethNorth Johnston1224190.5582A-E4thSQ
13106Prendergast, LillySouth Brunswick114380.8433A-Ew2dnq
13106Bullard, AndrewD.H. Conley93280.8004A-Ew2dnq
13106Fountain, WeseleySW Edgecombe92060.7692A-Ew2dnq

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TDR Top 12 – 113 lbs.

TDR Editor’s Note; The State Champion Jacob Kresicki from First Flight is the clear #1 selection at 113 lbs. State placer Israel Guerra of South Johnston takes the 2nd spot. Regional Champion Carter Duhon leads 10 more state qualifiers in the weight class. We welcome input sent to us at martinkfleming@gmail.com

1113Kresicki, JacobFirst Flight123830.9273A-E1st1st
2113Guerra, IsraelSouth Johnston124730.9403A-ME1st4th
3113Duhon, CarterSW Onslow114550.9002A-E1stw1
4113Williamson, RedmondNorthern Nash103050.8573A-E2ndw1
5113McCullough, EthanSouth Brunswick123060.8333A-E3rdSQ
6113Nolasco-Rayo, BrandonLouisburg1028140.6672A-ME3rdw2
7113Holmes, BraydenRosewood114680.8521A-E4thw1
8113Winchell, MasonAshley1130180.6254A-E2ndSQ
9113Santiago-Lopez, JaredNorth Lenoir123590.7952A-E3rdSQ
10113Yanez, GavinSouth Lenoir1223220.5112A-E2ndSQ
11113Guthrie, KellerAyden-Grifton92980.7842A-E4thSQ
12113Gresham, BrysonJ.F. Webb1126110.7032A-ME4thSQ
13113Vindigni, AddisonCleveland103470.8294A-Ew1dnq
13113McClung, ColtonD.H. Conley103580.8144A-Ew2dnq
13113Kornegay, ZiquaveonSouth Central1141220.6513A-E4thSQ

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TDR Top 12 – 120 lbs.

TDR Editor’s Note; Three state place winners lead off the top 3 in eastern N.C. followed by a Regional Champion before one ventures into the weeds of head to head match results. Still looking through the thorns and briars to minimize our missteps. We welcome input sent to us at martinkfleming@gmail.com

1120Tyson, MarcusPamlico County124920.9611A-E1st2nd
2120Vindigni, MatthewCleveland124670.8684A-E1st4th
3120Kozminski, JoshuaDixon114480.8463A-E1st6th
4120Peebles, BailorAyden-Grifton1144140.7592A-E1stw1
5120Goodman,  AydenSwansboro1136140.7203A-E2ndw2
6120Bonner, ChristopherD.H. Conley113690.8004A-E3rdw2
7120Klemmer, TylerNew Bern1034140.7084A-E2ndw1
8120Woolard, BraxtonWashington1125140.6412A-E2ndw1
9120Test, JaydenN. E. Carolina Prep1247110.8101A-E3rdw1
10120Nipper, GavinJacksonville1033160.6733A-E3rdw1
11120Nolasco-Rayo, BraulioLouisburg1028160.6362A-ME4thw2
12120Hill, AustinWest Brunswick1129170.6303A-E4thw1
13120Hunter, KoltonRosewood103890.8091A-Ew3dnq
13120Corl, CarsonSouth Johnston1033130.7173A-ME4thSQ
13120Reid, NoahTopsail927140.6594A-E4thSQ

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TDR Top 12 – 126 lbs.

TDR Editor’s Note; Been distracted by an intense and exciting three days of wrestling at the National Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma then a journey over to dig up some wrestling history at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater. So much for the excuses. Will offer a rough draft of the last 4 weight classes. Again, we welcome input from interested fans and pundits sent to us at martinkfleming@gmail.com

1126Bell, WalkerWest Craven123420.9442A-E1st2nd
2126Haro, ChrisSouth Lenior1143110.7962A-E3rd6th
3126Dacuyan, ElijahPamlico County1238170.6911A-E4th4th
4126Oxford, SkylerWest Carteret1248100.8283A-E1stw1
5126Manning, HaydenNorth Pitt113890.8092A-E2ndw2
6126Watt, TylerWake Forest104080.8334A-E2ndw1
7126Cowell, TylerSwansboro114250.8943A-E2ndSQ
8126Lewis, NickNew Bern1136100.7834A-E3rdw1
9126Fucci, AndrewDixon1129150.6593A-E3rdw1
10126Tellez, RobertTopsail1140120.7694A-E4thSQ
11126Egan, DaschleCroatan1027160.6283A-E4thw1
12126Samples, CalebClayton103770.8414A-Ew2dnq
13126Kennedy, JasonRosewood115150.9111A-Ew1dnq
13126Croom, EthanWest Johnston1129120.7073A-MEw2dnq
13126Test, ChristianN. E. Carolina Prep1138160.7041A-Ew2dnq

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TDR Top 12 – 132 lbs.

TDR Editor’s Note; In one of the deepest weight classes in eastern N.C. we have 7 wrestlers who placed in the top 6 in their division’s state championships. The top 3 wrestlers are clear with State Champion Ian Fritz at 1st and Ryan Mann and Corey Fazekas were runner-ups. All three are sophomores and have a combined record of 152 wins and just 6 losses. Klutey defeated Connick at States while Connick bested Shirley the week before. We welcome input sent to us at martinkfleming@gmail.com

1132Fritz, IanTopsail105120.9624A-E1st1st
2132Mann, RyanN. E.Carolina Prep105610.9821A-E1st2nd
3132Fazekas, CoreyNortheastern104530.9382A-E1st2nd
4132Klutey, BarrettFike124980.8603A-E3rd6th
5132Connick, LukeWest Brunswick113770.8413A-E1stw1
6132Shirley, DylanWest Carteret1045110.8043A-E2nd4th
7132Estrada, AriamRosewood1148100.8281A-E3rd4th
8132Bergquist, CaelHeritage125150.9114A-E2ndw2
9132Chastain, AustinBunn1243110.7962A-ME3rd6th
10132Miller, JensenSouthwest Onslow114690.8362A-E2ndw2
11132Baysden, MichaelNew Bern122090.6904A-E3rdw1
12132Holland, EmmitWake Forest1241110.7884A-E4thw1
13132Campos, JamesLejeune93050.8571A-Ew2dnq
13132Buonocore, TylerLaney113690.8004A-Ew3dnq
13132Heppner, ChristopherAshley1030110.7324A-Ew1dnq
13132B-Meza, DavidWashington930130.6982A-E3rdSQ
13132Folks, JemarionAyden-Grifton1135170.6732A-Ew2dnq
13132Davis, BladenSouth Lenoir1030170.6382A-E4thw1

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TDR Top 12 – 138 lbs.

TDR Editor’s Note; 4A State Champion Avery Buonocore won a regional and state title along with almost all other matches to claim a clear hold as the top wrestler in eastern North Carolina at 138 lbs. Frank Bianco is 2nd with a strong 5th place finish in 4A and defeated G. Rivera and C. Peters in head to head matches and won 2 of 3 with B. Wilman. G. Johnson defeated Lieberman in mid-season before both won their Regional titles in 2A & 3A respectively.
We welcome input sent to us at martinkfleming@gmail.com

1138Buonocore, AveryLaney124820.9604A-E1st1st
2138Bianco, FrankRolesville115180.8644A-E2nd5th
3138Rivera, GiovaniRosewood124190.8201A-E3rd4th
4138Peters, ColtonSouth Granville1024100.7062AME2ndw1
5138Johnson, GeraldWest Craven103750.8812A-E1stSQ
6138Lieberman, MatthewCurrituck County122140.8403A-E1stw1
7138Jarman, JaylenHavelock1237100.7873A-E2ndw1
8138Wilman, BaileyWake Forest114660.8854A-E4thw2
9138Rouse, EverettNorth Lenoir113560.8542A-E2ndSQ
10138Whitley, JakePamlico County112990.7631A-E2ndSQ
11138Hawkins, TristanClayton124170.8544A-E3rdw2
12138Canning, NathanFirst Flight1127100.7303A-E3rdw1
13138Gunn, DonovanTopsail940100.8004A-Ew2dnq
13138Anderson, ColeN. E. Carolina Prep937110.7711A-E4thw1
13138Davis, RussellC.B. Aycock1232120.7273A-E4thw2
13138Htoo, HarNew Bern1132120.7274A-Ew3dnq
13138Foreman, GabeWashington936170.6792A-E3rdw2

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All-Time College Coaching Wins Top 160

The Page with the list of the Top 160 college coaches all-time across all college divisions has been updated. This update is much closer to the end of the season than has been done in other seasons. This posting only shows the top 82 that have 300 or more wins. To see the rest of the list, check out the list on our home page.

After the 2022-2023 season             as of March 2023

ALL-TIME Coacheswith at least 300 wins    
Division I Schools unless noted otherwise     

  1. Pat Pecora (Pitt-Johnstown)                        646 – II     (15 wins in 2023)
  2. Dale Thomas (Oregon State)                          616 – I
  3. Jare Klein (Olivet College)                            569 – III
  4. Bill Racich (Ursinus College)                        540 – III
  5. David Icenhower (College of New Jersey)    534 – III
  6. John Reese (Wilkes Univ.)                             515 – III 
  7. Jack Childs (Drexel/Thad. Stevens Tech)     512 – I/JuCo
  8. Harold Nichols (Iowa St.)                              493 – I
  9. Max Servcies (Wabash)                                  487 – III
  10. Doug Parker (Springfield, Mass)                    485 – II
  11. John Smith (Oklahoma State Univ.)           476 – I   (14) up 1 spot
  12. Milton Martin (Westmar)                               462 – NAIA
  13. Don Elia (Carson-Newman/Maryville)          461 – II
  14. Ned McGinley (King’s College)                    458 – III
  15. Ron Mirikitani (St. Louis C.C.-Meramec)     457 – JuCo
  16. John Sacchi (Middlesex Jr. Coll./Rutgers Un.)   447- JuCo/I
  17. Gary Taylor (Rider)                                        442 – I
  18. Bobby Douglas (Iowa St/CSSB/ArizSU)       440 – I
  19. J Robinson (Minnesota)                                  440 – I
  20. Roger Crebs (Lycoming College)                439 – III   (10) up 1 spot
  21. John Johnston (Princeton/Stevens Tech.)      431 – I/JuCo
  22. Mike Olson (UNC-Pembroke, Upper Iowa, Monmouth)  428 – II 
  23. Lonnie Morris (Johnson & Wales)             422 – III (30) up 11 spots
  24. T.J. Kerr (U. Calif. Bakersfield/San Jose St.)  421– I
  25. Tom Jarman (Manchester/Northwest./Taylor)  415-III/I/NAIA
  26. Phil Grebinar (Worcester Poly Tech.)            414 — III
  27. Jim Miller (Wartburg)                                    413 – III
  28. Arthur “Bucky” Maughn (N Dak State)         408 – II
  29. Tom Borrelli (Central Michigan/Lake Superior St.)   406 – I/II (6) up 2 spots
  30. Bob Skelton (Western New England College) – 402 III
  31. Wally Johnson (Minnesota Univ./S.D. State/Luther Coll.)   400 – I
  32. Robert Marshall (Del. Valley Coll./Dickinson) – 396 III
  33. David James (Cent. Oklahoma)                      396 – II
  34. Bob Guzzo (N.C. State/Canton Jr. Coll.)       393 – I/JuCo
  35. Mike Denney (Maryville Univ./Nebr.-Omaha)    389 – II   (8) up 4 spots
  36. Paul Mance (Appalachian St./Herkimer Co.CC)  387 – I/JuCo
  37. Bruce Haberli (New York Un./Manhattan Coll.)  384 – III/I   (12) up 8 spots
  38. Eric Knuutila (Niagara City C.C.)                  383 – JuCo
  39. Dave Amato (Brown/SUNY Potsdam/U.Mass)  381  – I/II/III
  40. Bill Lam (North Carolina Univ.)                    378 – I
  41. Al Baxter (Buena Vista Univ.)                       376 – III
  42. Budd Whitehill (Lycoming Coll.)                  376 – III
  43. Ron Beaschler (Ohio Northern Univ.)        374 – III  (20) up 5 spots
  44. Dean Sensenbaugh (Modesto Jr. Coll.)          374 – Calif. Jr. C.
  45. Lonnie Timmerman (Drake)                          364
  46. Don Murray (SUNY-Brockport)                    359 – III  
  47. Dan Gable (Iowa)                                           355
  48. Vaughn Hitchcock (Cal-Poly-SLO)               353 – II
  49. Russ Hellickson (Ohio St./Wisc.)                   350
  50. Ron Gaffner (Muskegon C.C.)                       344- JuCo
  51. Rob Koll (Stanford/Cornell Univ.)             334  (6) up 1 spot
  52. Roy Minter (Ridgewater C.C.-Willmar)        329- JuCo 
  53. Gray Simons (ODU, Tenn, L. Haven, Ind. St.)   327
  54. Carl Adams (Boston Univ./Un. Of R.I.)        326 
  55. Brian Smith (Missouri/Syracuse)               326  (8) up 7 spots
  56. Jim Makovsky (Minn. St.-Mankato/Valley City St.)   324 – II  (5) up 4  spots
  57. Bob Bubb (Clarion Univ.)                             322
  58. Jack Spates (Oklahoma & Cornell)                322
  59. Jeff Swenson (Augsburg Coll.)                      321 – III
  60. Tom Kessler (York College)                          321 – III
  61. Joe Seay (Okla.St., Ca.-Bak., U.Tenn.-Chatt.)     319 – I/II
  62. Steve Costanzo (St. Cloud Univ.& Dana College) 319 – II (15) up 10 spots
  63. Jody Thompson  (Labette C.C.-Ks.)               318- JuCo
  64. Steve Eldridge (U.S. Coast Guard Ac.)          317 – III  – Inc.,
  65. Dave Mitchell (Luther College)                  315 – III (14) up 14spots
  66. Dennis Deliddo (Cal. St. Fresno)                   313
  67. Ron Finley (Oregon Univ.)                            311 
  68. Ed Peery (U.S. Naval Academy)                    311 
  69. Bob Del Rosa (Case Western Reserve)          310 – III
  70. Tom Ryan (Ohio State/Hofstra)                 307  (13) up 19 spots
  71. Randy Stottlemyer (Pittsburgh)                      304
  72. Kerry Volkmann (John Carroll)                     304 – III
  73. John Owen (North Idaho Jr. Coll.)                 304- JuCo
  74. Mark Manning (Nebraska/Northern Iowa)   303  (12) up 15 spots
  75. Stan Abel (Oklahoma, Cincinnati)                 302
  76. Daryl Arroyo (Springfield, Mass)                  301 – III
  77. Willie Myers (Wisconsin-Whitewater)          301 – III
  78. Dave Pacheo (Sacramento City College)       301 – Calf. Jr. Col.
  79. Ed Kringstad (Bismark State Coll.)           301- JuCo
  80. Chuck Williamson (Gloucester Co. Coll.)  300- JuCo
  81. Roger Sanders (Bloomsburg, New York Univ.)  300
  82. Tim Fader (Wisc.-Eau Claire, Whitewater,& Lacrosse) 300– III (17) up 13 spots

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TDR Top 12 – 145 lbs.

TDR Editor’s Note; Well, admittedly falling behind in posting a weight class a day while traveling up to the Division III Nationals in the mountains of Virginia. Noah Thomas placed highest at the 4A State tournament and defeated all other eastern N.C. wrestlers that he faced. David Saunders did defeat J. Crump when they met at mid season so he will edge up to 3rd place here. We welcome input sent to us at martinkfleming@gmail.com

1145Thomas, NoahLaney124470.8634A-E2nd4th
2145Rhude, KlintSwansboro1238120.7603A-E4th5th
3145Saunders, DavidCurrituck County1226100.7223A-E1stSQ
4145Crump, JacobNorth Pitt114580.8492A-E1st6th
5145Wintersein, PeteClayton112760.8184A-E3rd6th
6145Johnson, NicholasHeidi Trask1130120.7142A-E2ndw2
7145Owens, JeffreyWhite Oak1235110.7613A-E2ndw1
8145Root, JustinDixon1039150.7223A-E3rdw2
9145Rubistello, StephenTarboro93570.8331A-E4thw1
10145Taylor, BlakeAshley123690.8004A-E4thw1
11145Day, EliSouth Lenoir121580.6522A-E3rdSQ
12145Browning, LandonN. E. Carolina Prep943140.7541A-E2ndSQ
13145Johnson, TreverGranville Central123540.8972A-MEw2dnq
13145Hynes, JosiahEast Carteret1241150.7322A-E4thSQ

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